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Keita had inherited an antique mirror from his grandma and wasn't aware he brought it along with him when he went to Bell Liberty. It held a lot of secrets and magical traits that he did not know of. One day as he was rummaging through his belongings, hoping to finish setting stuff in his new room, he noticed the mirror way deep down inside his bag. At first he was confused because he was sure he hadn't seen that mirror before, nevertheless he looked at his reflection in the mirror then later examined it only to find inscriptions on the sides.

Unaware of the consequences of what he was about to do, Keita read the inscriptions thinking it would bring no harm. Blinking a couple of times after he read it, Keita heaved out a deep sigh and placed the mirror on the bed, ready to go to the bathroom and later on continue with his clean up when he was abruptly yanked around and pushed non too gently on the bed.

When he looked up, what he saw almost made his heart stop. He came face to face with himself! Only... different. Very very different.

And so... the chaos began!

1. Please everyone nice treatment to others. This is a SLASH/GAY/HOMOSEXUAL RPG after all, so please no comments about things being "wrong" or "sick" We will not tolerate any slandering. Also, this is not only an RPG site it's also a site where you (Rper's and members) can post your Fanworks and Fanfictions. So really you can post all you like in this community. Just that it has to be Gakuen heaven related.

2. There may be content that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 16. If you get corrupted or mentally damaged from smut or language, don't blame us. We warned you!

3. If you are going to make comments outside the rpg plot PLEASE put OOC in the subject

4. Must love slash pairings (Why else would you be here? xD) Similarly, if you have material you KNOW is too mature to be posted without a cut...then use a LJ cut. I don't think old granny sitting next to little Matt at the public library wants to see porn (or she might, you never know). Be kind to those who may have sensitive surroundings.

5. Play ONLY your character/characters. And in relation to this we only encourage having two characters in max to get rped by one person since we all know that this show doesn't have much characters to begin with.

6. The group will be informed immediately if a member leaves, also if one person does not play in a certain amount of time, they will be assumed to have abandoned their character and we will put out applications for the characters, except for the original characters of course.

7. Please BE INVOLVED! If you're going to be on absence or having trouble with your personal lives then please warn us beforehand, we'll glady bid you farewell until you decide to show up! oh but please don't take years before you do! Hmmm 2 weeks or a month perhaps? ^_~) It would be too troublesome thinking about what the hell happened to the rper! ^_^ These notifications can be made by a simple LJ post at heavenacademy and please put OOC on the subjectline or we'll not consider the excuse!

8. If applying for an original character PLEASE let your character act according to the one you wrote in your application. Thank you!

9. Relax and have Fun! Please don't think of ROLEPLAYING AS YOUR LIFE after all it is just a game! We know you have your own personal lives, if so just like rule number 7, kindly leave a post wherein you explain why would you be non-active for a certain amount of time.

Everyone must apply for each character through an e-mail with the required information to heavenacademy@hotmail.com.

Please have the name of the character of the one you're applying for in the subject line.

Name: Real name or nickname.
Age: Your age, since this community isn't appropriate for certain ages.
LiveJournal Name: Your personal LiveJournal, not the name of the character or their journal.
E-Mail: A valid e-mail address that we can use for verification and communication.
Requested Character: the character you wish to RP as.
Is the Requested Character IC or OOC(out of character/opposites)? So we can keep track of IC and OOC characters.
If OOC, Describe your desired attitude for the character? (In relation to this, the wished character's attitude should be discussed with the mods! ^_^
First Post Example: The first post for your character, to help determine whether or not you will be accepted.
Comments/Questions: Anything you wish to ask the Mods or any comments or information you wish us to know.

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