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And you might be...who?!

((I must have ya'll know that role playing with yourself is kinda boring, but I had nothing better to do while my internet was dead...

I've also never roleplayed over LiveJournal before, so correct me if I do this wrong.  ^^;;))

Shunsuke was looking for Keita to talk to him about *certain things*.  He stopped at his dorm room and knocked.  He waited about half a minute before knocking again.  No answer.  He knocked louder and harder.  Still no answer.  He made a noise in frustration and tried opening the door.  Unexpectedly, it opened.

'Keita must've left it unlocked...' He thought as he walked in.

No one was in there.

"Keita?  Are you in here?!"  Shunsuke called out.  There was no reply.

He walked over to the desk and saw a mirror.  He picked it up out of curiousity. 

'Hmm...if he wants this mirror thing back, he'll have to give me a meal ticket!  That's what he gets for not being here when I need him!'  He though evilly to himself.

Shunsuke walked back to his dorm and set the mirror down on his own desk.  He sat down and started examining it.  He noticed the inscriptions in it.

"Eh?"  He read the inscriptions out loud.  "That ain't normal..."  He muttered.

He suddenly felt sleepy, so he went over to his bed and slipped under the covers.

/A Few Hours Later/

Shunsuke rolled over, still sleeping, only to bump into someone.  He immediately sat up and rubbed his eyes.  He looked down to see who was in his bed.  He saw...himself?  He poked his look-alike to try to wake him up.  After about 15 pokes, he got frustrated.

"HEY!  GET UP!"  He shouted.
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The boy opened his eyes slowly and looked up at Shunsuke with feminine eyes. His eyes, although tired, sparkled a little, giving them a girly charm. He blinked a few times before realizing his surroundings.

"Huh...? Why am I here?" He asked hesitantly. He sat up, showing a light pink pajama shirt. "We didn' it...did we?" He looked a little scared and mostly confused.
Shunsuke blushed when he saw the boy's eyes that made him look like a girl. He shook his head when he heard his last question.

"Hell no!" He said, half yelling. "Just who are you?!"
"Me? Well..." The boy started. "My name is Taki Shunsuke..." He looked down, blushing a little.
Shunsuke almost fell over when he heard what his look-alike said.

"Wait...!" He exclaimed. "You can't be!"
"Why not?" The other Shunsuke questioned. He had a little sadness in his voice.
"Because I'm Taki Shunsuke!" He said.

He thought there was no freakin' way that this other person was him, Taki Shunsuke.

"And you're way too girly!"
That last comment made the other Shunsuke look sad.

"Too girly...?" He repeated. He thought for a quick moment. "I may be pretty, but I'm not girly!" He whined. "I don't like you very much! You're mean..."

He got up from the bed, revealing his full outfit. It was actually a light pink night gown.
Shunsuke felt a nosebleed in his nose, so he immediately threw a hand to his nose.

"Not girly?! You're wearing a dress!" He replied.

He also noticed the baby blue ribbon in the other's hair, which was a little longer than his own.
"Just because I have a different sense of style, it makes me girly?" The other Shunsuke asked. There were tears forming in his eyes.
"Great! Now you're crying!" Shunsuke said. He groaned in frustration. "Come with me!" He grabbed the other Shunsuke's arm and took him out of the room.

He approached Keita's dorm, again, and knocked, very loudly.