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recruiting members for gh rp

*waves* hello minna! After thinking about this for quite a while, we yukishuii and I natsuhiiko has finally decided to make a gakuen heaven rp here in livejournal xD

Now onto the PLOT:

Keita had inherited an antique mirror from his grandma and wasn't aware he brought it along with him when he went to Bell Liberty. It held a lot of secrets and magical traits that he did not know of. One day as he was rummaging through his belongings, hoping to finish setting stuff in his new room, he noticed the mirror way deep down inside his bag. At first he was confused because he was sure he hadn't seen that mirror before, nevertheless he looked at his reflection in the mirror then later examined it only to find inscriptions on the sides.

Unaware of the consequences of what he was about to do, Keita read the inscriptions thinking it would bring no harm. Blinking a couple of times after he read it, Keita heaved out a deep sigh and placed the mirror on the bed, ready to go to the bathroom and later on continue with his clean up when he was abruptly yanked around and pushed non too gently on the bed.

When he looked up, what he saw almost made his heart stop. He came face to face with himself! Only... different. Very very different.

And so... the chaos began!


Membership is open for all!!! Kindly read the Info Page for any inquiries or questions. Check later posts for more understanding in what we really are planning to do here <3
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*sigh* You know i love you.
And you know we're both cracko's... thus we all agreed to do this xDDDDDDDDDD.

<3 <3
nyahahahah!!! I do hope Yuki gets into this xD

Ahhh my keita needs someone to screw with already! wahahahaa
-eats you- Hahah! I'll send my form as soon as I can think of something to type for the sample post...
-eats you back- =P I'll patiently wait! hahahaha! *hugglesquishies*

What characters are open right now? Maybe I should ask which ones are taken? n___n
The list are in the community! Just go browse through the posts! Thanks for taking time and having interest xD in the roleplay!